Monday, September 17, 2012

Ronald Johnson

BEAM 6, The Musics

Let flick his tail, the darkling Lion, down to the primal
 huddle fiddling DNA.

Let the Elephant ruffle the elements in The Great Looped
 Nebula with his uplift trunk.

Let the Binary, orange, emerald, and blue, in the foot of
 Andromeda run awhisker with Mouse.

Let the Dickcissel, in Cock's-foot, Foxtail, & Tottering,
 ring one molecular ornamentation on tau Ceti.

Let the Switch Snake lilt bluegrass back and forth be-
 tween pelucid cells.

Let Porcupine rattle quill, in a Casseopia of Hollyhock.

Let the whinny of Pigeons' wings trigger similar strains
 from elm to Triangulum.

Let a score for matter's staccato to cornstalk be touted to
 stars clustering The Archer's wrist.

Let the stripes of Zebra be in time with the imaginary
 House of Mozart, on Jupiter.

--Ronald Johnson

fr. Ark: The Foundations: 1-33
[San Francisco: North Point Press, 1980]


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