Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jeff Zucker

Renard Gives the Politicians Big Mouths

As Renard was wandering around one day he came into a
neighborhood that really smelled bad. The whole place
stank. It was the neighborhood where the politicians lived.
In those days politicians didn't have mouths. They waved
their arms a lot and farted loudly to get someone's atten-
 "This is really too much," said Renard to himself.
Renard then gave all the politicians mouths. But, since he'd
never made mouths before, he made them too big. That's
why politicians talk so much today. You may criticize 
Renard for this, but believe me, it was worse before.

--Jeff Zucker

fr. Coyote's Journal, ed. by James Koller,
'Gogisgi' Carroll Arnett, Steve Nemirow and
Peter Blue Cloud [Berkeley: Wingbow Press, 1982]


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