Saturday, September 29, 2012

Keith Gunderson

On Trying to Recollect an Important Evening Spent Listening to
Doc Evans' Group Play "Muskrat Ramble," "When the Saints Go
Marching In," Et Al.


all gone rag-bagged
battered up memories
Evans Doc jazzpro
coro net king.
clarineting drum drubbing
out-of-town roadhouse
heard back by St. Paul
happy old Chi.
me just young guy
gulping down setups
no-bond bourbon
friends and a girl.
married her
carried her
far out of St. Paul
far out of roadhouse
and neck-a-lot lights.
everything that night
now like
those cats
thinking on
happy Chi
and them before.
no more no way
no doors no keys
all gone rag-bagged
battered up memories.

--Keith Gunderson


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