Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gerardo Deniz (RIP 1934-2014)

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SEIZE THIS OPPORTUNITY. 1962 Sonnet. Kept in excellent condition.
Quite heterotonic. Philosophical. Savvy. Chute remarquable. Afford-
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SECTION of Marxist-Leninist epopee. 123 infecto-contagious hexame-
ters. Allusions to Ezekiel (ossa arida) and to Eisenstein's Potempkin. 6
58 79 99. Insist insist.
PARTING for the depths of pains, giving away paradigmatic poetic
panoply. Desk goose feathers lachrymatories works essential references
dictionary rhyme etc. Callejón del Sapo number 13. Ms. Georgina
Leontina de Avellaneda y Ampala shows all.
MADRIGAL dedicated to a pair of hands easily adjustable to peduncles.
Pressing. Chastised. Intense lyricism. Only used twice in 400 years. If
she doesn't give in dinner expenses reimbursed. 5 36 22 82 Mr. Cetina.

--Gerardo Deniz
tr. Mónica de la Torre 
fr. Gerardo Deniz: Poemas/Poems [Mexico City: Ditoria / Lost Roads Publishers, 2000]

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ivan V. Lalić

Travellers in Winter

On our return we saw fire in the snow,
A brown bloodstain on the bandage of a midnight just 
At the foot of the hills;
                                          and up there, on the slopes,
The unforgotten foam of last year's sea was returning,
In the sign of a new innocence.
                                                          And there was
The lightning flight of an angel through a crack
In the low sky, and our footprints, a murmur,
But no star;
                       we understood this was the nadir,
Frozen mud, the bottom of the well
Where our footfall mingled with despair
And the smoke of voices--
Then the rattling of a chain on the windlass above us,
Maybe just the wind coming down from the hills,
Feeling its way, blind as Oedipus--
And waiting, the final form of hope.

--Ivan V. Lalić
tr. Francis R. Jones