Thursday, September 13, 2012

James Sherry


Producify by exclusioness
give by subvert
replumb or dismake shiftment
submonition to Thursday

Dismorphology   Unheraldrate
rememberment   deassurify

Ok to refriend (stamp)
depertinent takeability
rephrasatory unfemalization

Disregard, recoriate pairitude
comparement of sculpturority;   defile (side) vs.
unremergement as selfification
safed to suspiciate, not reever, simplicon of nonfinement

uncontinued deferral of reselfizationicity
cat-meow yellowize
unregenerate redigressivity
unlistening, hand descention from wrist
prechandelierizement digiticity
deconnoiter hydromarinertudinousness
foppitude respite feminotropicity
desophisticate identizoid--African sculptines

--James Sherry


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