Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frank O'Hara

Portrait of James Joyce

riverrun,said jute,oh why the enterrrential
discolum in ionic,doric or sabbatic
which wherewithal you never can
to bother with the endspin of a dustweb
for the categoric is a tombstone,--
dingy,discrete,and rancidulous.

frost my nuts if it isnt the saint!
bon giorno,aloysius,my feathermusking friend!
draw up a syllogism to rest your fatass on.
the birth of the blues is on today
and as a special intermission feature
we have an exhibition of syncopated menstruation.
interested? knew you would be,you old bastard,you.
pushaw,man,scratch not thy palm,as it says in genesodus,
lest the seeds of masturchism be sown therein.
cant beat the goodbook,can you?
jesus i thought id come in my pants reading about oompha.
but to get back to the subject,
forbisnits thy furgumbang?
just what i told the old lady and she said i had the clap.
funny world,eh? unh? ummmmmmmmmmmmm,salty...
that teresa mustave been a good one.
spiritual quality,you say?
recited rimbaud while you are--oyes i get indigestion too.
of course youre not abnorman,al.

a bit of the socratic nymphus mixed with the phrygian phallus
is all and not a goddamn thing wrong with it.
adds spice id say.
not dithyrambic but rather tocuscular.
the mixolydian anapest has a definitely libidinous connotation.
purge it.yes.purge.
such a flowerous floaping flabber.
like the thick ooze of diarrheal defecation.
kill them all for all i give a shit.
havent lived long enough to know what theyve missed.
let it float in the gutters.remind people to go to church.
does em good.little blood never hurt anybody.
except a virgin--thought youd like that one,al.
oh sure.well shake it easy.bon giorno.

and then the ferrulatus fell
crushing the mass of titblooms
so soft salacious
and i cried.hours.not wept.
like liffey.
and im just a stone.
i lost it all you see.
now i just watch riverrs,
and wish it was me.

     [November 25, 1946]

fr. Frank O'Hara: Early Poems
[Bolinas, Calif.: Grey Fox Press, 1977]

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