Friday, August 31, 2012

Keith Waldrop


At birth whole
areas of the globe are
still uncommitted.
Something I just
picked up along
the way. My inertia,
well, my 
inertia--I can
blame it on the constellations, can't I?
The pity is, in
'middle' life, I'm getting clumsy, mis-
calculating, now,
distances between my physical
influence and
various things, some of them
breakable. And I used to
slip by so carefully, skirting
an ambush of objects poised to fall, the
planet that presided
at my birth having been
in, oh, fastidious conjunction, but now--
this on high authority--losing
its grip, wandering (taking myself
as a point of reference), and from now on
whatever controls there
are for my headlong
career must proceed directly
from the stars of the microcosm.

--Keith Waldrop

fr. The Opposite of Letting the Mind Wander
[Providence: Lost Roads, 1990]


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